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The Colours and Scents of the Australian Spring 2019

30 August, 2019

Coral Pink Iced Guava; magenta White Lotus & Patchouli; mid blue-green Blue Cypress; buttermilk yellow Lemon Vanilla

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I know. Already?! Spring is about to hit us full square very, very, soon. In fact, if you are reading this after 1st September, then it is already upon you.

Finals time in Melbourne for the AFL, the Brisbane Festival, the Royal Adelaide Show, The Melbourne Cup in November. The list goes on. The dullness of winter behind us, looking forward to balmy days and nights, and on into the excitement that Summer brings.

Colour plays an important part in awakening the senses from their dull slumber. Spring is an exciting time exactly because of the bursts of newly formed colour. The Tesselaar Tulip Festival in the Yarra Ranges epitomises new colour and new awakenings. Colour is not only the preserve of the southern states. In Spring, Queensland is bursting with bougainvillea, petunias, geraniums and magnolias. A riot of purples, reds, sun-burnt oranges and the acid-greens of newly emerging foliage.

Colour is Spring. And Spring is colour.

We love colour here at ForCandles. There’s a trend for candles with no colour; has been for a couple of years or so now. To us that is a little like perfume without scent. Pointless. Colour anchors the candle’s scent. It serves to enhance the fragrant experience; the eyes enforcing, and backing up, what the nose is telling the brain. A powerful thing is colour. Colourful candles brighten up any dark space and enhance carefully chosen design points. Imagine how dull a world of monochrome would be. No accents, no subtleties, no textural highlights.

These ramblings are not meant to be an insightful guide to the on-trend colours in the fashion industry. We will leave those more in-depth perusings to those writers, and readers, who avidly follow the catwalks. This is more a celebration of colour, with a fashionable spring flavour.

However, a nod to the fashion industry gives us a clue as to what is in store for the fashion-conscious. The fashionistas will have been already across this in the autumn. The vast majority of folk will only now be becoming curious, or simply stumbling across what the stores and boutiques have on offer as they wander through the malls and the shopping centres.

So, what are the colours for spring? Well, this spring season is set to be full of purples, burgundies, buttermilk yellows, cornflower blues, corals and shades of sage; accented with oat, auburn red and Egyptian blue. What a wonderful cornucopia of colour! Alexander McQueen, Lee Matthews, Louis Vuitton and C/MEO and others have all showed variations on these themes. I would not be at all surprised if many of these colours make it into the summer.

When you see some of the colours together, side-by-side, it is easy to see what the fuss is about. At ForCandles we have Lemon Vanilla (buttermilk yellow), Iced Guava (coral pink), White Lotus & Patchouli (magenta) and Blue Cypress mid blue-green). Together they make up quite a palette.

Our Iced Guava is vibrant, fresh and sweet. Guava at its best with lime peel and the merest hints of vanilla. The White Lotus & Patchouli is a sensual blend of lotus flower and patchouli that creates a delicate spicy and calming aroma, whilst our Lemon Vanilla is a soft, yet vibrant, lemon zest layered with buttermilk and creamy subtle vanilla. Last, but by no means least, Blue Cypress. The enchanting scent of Australian blue cypress pine forests; fir, patchouli and jasmine join forces to give you this uniquely Australian scent.

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