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Sandstone Ridges Death Valley

Clay is an Odd Thing to Put on Your Hair

14 October, 2019

Clay is used more and more it seems in personal care routines and can be found in numerous products these days. But what is clay if not dirt? Are there different types of clay? What are the benefits of clay? Well this blog will demystify clays and how they are useful in our everyday routines.

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A medieval chandler stall (after Tacuinum Sanitatis)

The Chandlery and the Chandler

30 September, 2019

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Leather & Chrome aloe vera and avocado oil shampoo by ForCandles

What Does ‘Free-From Parabens’ Mean? And Who Cares?

16 September, 2019

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Australian Bush soy candle by ForCandles

Are Soy Wax Candles Toxic?

02 September, 2019

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Coral Pink Iced Guava; magenta White Lotus & Patchouli; mid blue-green Blue Cypress; buttermilk yellow Lemon Vanilla

The Colours and Scents of the Australian Spring 2019

30 August, 2019

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